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“I’m a big believer in, ‘Change starts in your own backyard.’ It is the founding principle for our work with Planet Bee Foundation, our bee and pollination education nonprofit, and I am extremely proud that California Wildflower Honey is at the heart of all our products.”

Debra Tomaszewski

CEO & Founder

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Changing the World - One Bee at a Time


It’s been said that if you follow your bliss, your heart’s true desire will be realized. How fortunate it is then, when your bliss is your career and helps make the world a better place. Marin Bee Company founders, Debra and Bill Tomaszewski, find their bliss by making a difference in the world - one bee at a time. 


It all started in 2010 when Debra and Bill wanted to help spread the word about the worldwide die-off of the honey bee, which play a key role in our survival. 1/3 of all the food is pollinated by bees along with  70% of the world's crops.


Backyard beekeepers themselves, they began to teach free beekeeping workshops in their community. Soon friends, neighbors, local schools and organizations began reaching out with questions and requests to set up hives. They knew the time was right to take action. 


Debra and Bill founded Planet Bee Foundation in 2015, an environmental, education 501(c)(3) nonprofit to educate others about the importance of bees and pollination to humans and the ecosystem. Since its humble beginnings, Planet Bee has taught approximately 25,000 students in schools at no or very cost and thousands more in the community.  


A percentage of sales from every Marin Bee skincare product goes to support Planet Bee programs such as their National Seed Ball and Adopt-a-Hive programs. 


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