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“I first developed Marin Bee formulas with my own honey. It only made sense to support local growers and the nature surrounding me.  All our Wildflower Honey is cultivated on the hillsides of Northern California and supports local habitats, native species and assists in repopulating honey bee populations."

Debra Tomaszewski

CEO & Founder

Saving Your Skin...


Turning to her backyard beehives, Marin Bee Company founder Debra Tomaszewski discovered the profound effect of California Wildflower Honey had in healing her skin. While tending to her hives, she harnessed the power of her delicious honey to treat her family’s sensitive skin as well as her own. 


Looking to her trusted bees, she began to craft effective and powerful skincare remedies by combining her freshly harvested honey with soothing, time tested ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, calendula, olive oil and added nature’s own “cure-alls” such as salt, clay and essential oils created from powerful botanicals. Using her handcrafted formulas, Debra’s skin (and even some of her friend’s skin), began to show fewer signs of stress, looking and feeling much younger and healthier with a natural glow.  


Debra was so excited that her natural formulas were so highly effective while being free of harmful chemicals, that she couldn’t resist sharing them with others. She spent the next four years refining her handcrafted formulas by working with expert chemists and laboratories to develop Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare, a luxurious collection of skin care solutions for face and body.

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Saving The Bees...


Yet, these formulas are so much more than a solution to save your skin - they are also helping to save the bees. As a beekeeper, Debra is passionate about helping to fight the devastating and alarming loss of bee populations worldwide. With the creation of her non-profit organization,  Planet Bee Foundation, she is on a mission to educate and encourage all of us to get involved too! That’s why a percentage of sales from every Marin Bee skincare product goes to support Planet Bee programs such as their National Seed Ball and Adopt-a-Hive programs. Marin Bee is on a mission to change the world one bee - one flower - and one drop of honey at a time!

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